How to Fix Light Sandy Garden Soil in the Vegetable Patch

In this video, I show you how to fix light sandy garden soil in the vegetable patch so that it grows better and more productive crops of food in the backyard home garden.

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29 Replies to “How to Fix Light Sandy Garden Soil in the Vegetable Patch”

  1. G'day Everyone, this was my first Premier so thanks for going easy on me in the chat area 😉 Ocean2earth Fish Compost: Enter the discount code SSME5 at checkout on their Website here and get a 5% discount on the 1.5L and 3L bags plus free shipping Australia wide! Cheers 🙂

  2. The timing on this couldn't be better. I have a spider plant that has taken over most of our house and the dirt is looking a little worse for wear. Can you mix it in without harvesting? Just had to the top and mix in around the roots? I ask cause the vine is nearly 4 years old and it's taken over both stories of the house through the loft. Love it cause of all the green it gives, but it means that moving the planter… is no longer optional. Can DM pictures if would help. Thank you so much. The kookaburra was just adorable! ^.^

  3. How about a new series of videos. You have the boat, make your own fish fertilizer. "From Sea to Garden".

  4. Does anyone know where I can buy a digging tool like Mark is using in this video? I’ve searched on internet but have not seen the SAME tool. It looks to have a pick one side and a digging, chopping spade on the other. This tool would save me time and pain.

  5. Thanks for posting a video that no other gardeners seem to be addressing. Ive been wondering how to get more guts into my soil and now I know how to do it. Look out veggies, here I come!

  6. Mark, you ARE the reason we got our Birdies beds. Of course, we had to wait a few years just because of availability here in the USA, and then we bought some property so we had to wait a little longer, but we're two beds in so far and I expect to get two more in the fall. We're part of your Florida followers. Moved from the beach because things were getting kinda funny in the world (I've also heard your call for preparation) and bought a couple of acres to begin homesteading. Keep doing what your doing, it's propelled us to get this far. And thank you.

  7. yea mate.. aged cow cake is very awesome.. been using it since 2017..
    this year i was thinking of adding goat,sheep to the mix

  8. Will top dressing with compost and manure often eventually make its way through sandy soil? I live in Florida so all of our native soil is very sandy.

  9. So, that's half and half of rotted manure to the dry, depleted soil, and sprinkle the supplement on top?
    Not really practical to coat the entire garden in the stuff to build up more soil, but noted anyway. Although it's going to be hard to get manure currently due to fertiliser prices being so high. The stuff's like stinky brown gold right now due to everyone using it instead of chemical fertilisers.
    I can get dry, depleted soil easily; just swipe it by the bucketful from the waste pile at work.

  10. This helps me out a ton with my soil it needed to be helped out I grow in containers so can use all the help I can get 🙏 love your videos have a great day ❤

  11. Bought Birdies beds through US distributor (wonderful guy) and they are wonderful, highly recommend. I am so sad to see the farmers around me spraying herbicides on the cow green fields. Just ruining what God has given us.

  12. As aways Mark, GREAT INFORMATION about revitalizing a planting bed!! I grew up on a hobby farm and all the suburban non farming relatives came by to pick up the rotted cow poo for their gardens!! THANK YOU and God Bless!!!

  13. No dig gardening is doable at times, but I also think it's one of those over protective suggestions like don't use tap water or softened water, I've used both, never seen a problem with my plants due to the water. My garden is even planted in the native ground instead of a raised bed. My garden for the most part does well.

  14. Do you plan for some extra N in your fertilizer to counter those lost to the mulch? And isn't sandy soil perfect for carrots and potatoes?

  15. I went to Birdie's website for here in the US and as I was reading through the website I couldn't stop hearing your voice, accent, and cadence narrating it. 😄

    Thanks for the scoop on the poop! I recently made a friend who has horses and is as thrilled to have me take their poop as I am to get it! Amazing stuff!

  16. I sincerely hope that more people subscribe to your channel. Even if they don't, I hope they watch at the very least… 5 of your videos end-to-end. Your information in every video is well presented, unabashedly to the point & entertaining enough to not be distracting from what you are presenting. I had to pause at 7:33 to comment before the video ended later to avoid forgetting to comment. Keep it up, friend! You are actively helping save the planet one mind & one raised bed at a time. Thumbs up & making someone else watch too 😋

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