How To Frame And Sheet The Walls For A Tall Barn And Deluxe Gable Roof Shed

Please visit my shed building forum at or my website at for more shed building information. This video is step 4: frame and sheet the walls. It’s part 4 of my 10 part how to build a shed video series, and is applicable to both the tall barn and the deluxe gable shed plans. It walks you through framing and sheeting the walls.

Here are the links to the rest of my 10 part shed building video series…

Step 1: Foundation
Step 2: Floor
Step 3: Trusses”
Step 3: Trusses
Step 4: Build walls
Step 4: Build walls”
Step 5: Door
Step 6: Raise walls
Step 7: Finish door “
Step 8: Roof structure
Step 9: Trim
Step 10: Roof covering

5 Replies to “How To Frame And Sheet The Walls For A Tall Barn And Deluxe Gable Roof Shed”

  1. I paid for digital plan that was supposed to be emailed I still have not received it it’s been two days

  2. Hey folks – I purchased the plans from Phil's website ( I don't know him and he does not know I am posting). I started communicating with him August of 2018 – asking questions, etc . . . building a personal music studio . . . as Ive never done this before. I showed plans to my friends and they were impressed! I purchased the 4 shed set of plans for $28.00. It comes with a materials list for EACH shed plan. I will save 50-60% percent on cost vs. purchasing, deliver and set-up. I am using his 16×32 Deluxe Gable for the studio and doing it myself. I will be building a garden shed in future too! Phil has answered all questions and his customer interaction was amazing. Let's be honest folks, its not like I spent thousands and demand customer service here – Phil is very knowledgeable and gave me some great tips on how and what to do, he has a passion to help his customers for sure. His TIPS in the planning guide is awesome as well. If I could afford it I would use his 1-4 car Garage plans. Again, this is not solicited and thanks so much Phil – I hope you see this feedback from a satisfied customer. Oh by the way ….. use his materials sheet and send it to the H.D., Lowe's or your supplier and they will pull it for you and even deliver.

  3. Hello was wondering what is the total height from top plate to your bottom plate?

  4. Hi, im building a 4×7 shed and need a little advice. Can someone tell me what height the wall frames need to be??? Or doesn't it matter??? Any advice would be greatful 😎 thanks

  5. Hi,Is there any reason why you make the end walls go all the way to the end,and the side long walls stop short so they are fitting inside between the end walls?
    i have also seen it where the long walls are all the way end to end,and the end walls are in between,does it make any difference?
    Thanks in advance,

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