How to Get a Secret Out of Someone

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Get anyone to spill the beans with these sneaky strategies.

Step 1: Ask them outright
Look them directly in the eye, ask them outright –and then don’t say another word. Stare at someone long enough, and they’ll say almost anything to fill the silence.

Step 2: Ask for a hint
Still not talking? Ask for a hint. If you can get them to take that first step, you might be able to ease them into telling you everything.

Act duly impressed by the little hint they drop – it will encourage them to divulge more.

Step 3: Take a guess
Say, “let me guess,” and then give it your best shot. If they think that you already have some of the information, they’ll feel less guilty about spilling the rest of the beans.

Carefully monitor their reaction to your guess so you’ll know if you’re on the right track.

Step 4: Tell them a secret
No dice? Tell them a secret – and make it juicy. This kind of offer often makes people feel obligated to return the favor.

Step 5: Act uninterested
Are they still holding back? Change the subject. Now that they’ve lost your attention, they may feel that revealing the secret is worth keeping you in their thrall.

Did You Know?
Research shows that people who have been hiding a painful secret show improvements in physical and mental health when they unburden themselves.

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  1. The fact that these comments are from 11 years ago-

    me who's just finding this now so I can expose someone yansim style and ruin their reputation: -_-

  2. My bestie says he’s been hiding something from me but he won’t tell me what it is

  3. lots of people are in a relationship filled with deceit that looks so perfect , not that i support hacking , but if need be and you want to quench your curiosity
    contact; OR marsd.h on instagram for all hacking services.

  4. I'm going to make a book full of my classmates secrets and if they double cross me I'm going to photocopy one of the pages and spread it everywhere

  5. Kiss your hand 5 times and comment this on three other videos then look under your pillow

  6. So my friend won't tell me who her elementary crush is she's in 6th grade she said it was a girl I asked her why your not telling me she said
    Because you will tell everyone am like we are texting plus all my other friends are very close to me and you bruh I was so mad at the moment
    But I said tell me when you want to

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