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Every cook has had to deal with fish skin sticking to a pan. Sometimes, even with a nicely seasoned, preheated skillet, fish skin just sticks. But there’s a foolproof fix: parchment paper.

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Sliding a piece of parchment paper between the fish and the pan’s surface guarantees a clean release. No need to hack away at it with a fish spatula, trying to get it to release; all you have to do is focus on getting a nice, even sear and nailing your target internal temperature.

What you’ll need:
– Skillet (cast iron, carbon steel, or stainless steel)
– Parchment paper
– Neutral oil
– Skin-on fish fillet(s)
– Salt

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11 Replies to “How to Get Crispy Fish Skin That Doesn't Stick to the Pan | ChefSteps”

  1. Nice.
    I will try it for sure. Just I hope it’ll be OK if I cut paper in corner area and not in the middle part. ????

  2. i'm a professional expert in pan-frying fish with skin on non-stick and am here to tell you that I know how fry a fish in a pan and that everyone else is wrong

  3. I gotta say: didnt know this was a thing, didnt even know i need it. I been cooking without that parchment like 25 years and allways got crispy skin. If your skin sticks to the pan and crumbles, you either: 1) dont use enough oil/fat (which i doubt cause in 12" skillet about 2 teaspoons is enough oil allready. If you dont use any oil or just rub the fish with it lightly then this can be the reason), 2) try to forcible flip the fish. The skin WILL stick to the pan BUT it releases itself in maybe 90-120 seconds (once it is cooked perfectly. If you try to flip it before it sticks and crumbles etc. This is the reason why it happens in 90% of the cases. You need to try carefully if it could be flipped, if it feels stuck, let i be and try again in 30-45 seconds.

  4. BTW…… You should NEVER cook fish in a cast iron pan not even with parchment paper. The flavor of fish in your next meal…is probably NOT desirable. Just sayin………………Otherwise thanks for the video ????

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