How to Get Mildew Smell Out of Towels

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Step 1: Wash towel with baking soda
Throw your towel into the washing machine with a 1/4 cup baking soda.

You can throw in any other like-colored laundry with the towel to run a full load.

Step 2: Run wash
Run the washing machine using hot water. Allow it to complete a full wash cycle.

Step 3: Pour vinegar into washer
Pour 1/4 cup white vinegar into the washing machine with your regular detergent.

Step 4: Run wash cycle
Run the wash cycle again, using hot water.

Step 5: Dry towel
Place the towel, along with any other laundry you choose, into the dryer to dry on the hottest setting. Use the longest setting to ensure the towel dries thoroughly.

Make sure any laundry you put into the dryer with the towel is safe to dry on the hot setting.

Step 6: Check towel for dryness
Check the towel to make sure it is completely dry before folding and putting it away. Take a good sniff of your fluffy towel the next time you bathe and enjoy the non-funkiness.

Did You Know?
Baking soda is commonly used as an antacid, a cleaning agent in toothpaste, a pain reliever for canker sores, and it can even draw venom out of a jellyfish sting.

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  1. `I never knew that natural herbs could be so powerful, my herpes virus 2 was cure with it with the assistance of Dr Madida on YouTube`

  2. Step 1: Get all ingredients
    Me going to Target: “Towels on Sale!”
    Step 3: Throw away stinky towels and put away new ones.

  3. I'm always skeptical of this sort of thing, but I just tried it and it actually works.

  4. I can't wash that many times since were being TAX! more for water. Thanks for video.

  5. Good way to remove bad smell but I can't trow like her and I don't have somebody in my closet to grab it :)))

  6. What if you’re highly allergic to baking soda? Also, my towel smells great until after it comes out of the dryer and then it smells like nasty burnt fabric

  7. thanks. trying this out today. we went on a holiday to the dominican last month and our clothes that we took just reek like musty/mold. hope this helps some!!! now if you have any tips on getting the smell out of a suitcase, that would be helpful too lol

  8. There's a product called OdorJet. It uses air and heat to get rid of mildew in clothes in just a few seconds. It eliminates smoke and body odors. And It doesn't use sprays or chemicals. It kills bacteria and you can use it on delicate and dry clean only clothes. 

  9. I just cleaned my washer I'm going to try this and hope it worked and my cloths don't smell like mildew.

  10. Great video as I was looking for alternatives for the few cases where I don't want to use bleach. Fyi, bleach is still more convenient and if used carefully and consistently every now and then, stops this issue dead in it's tracks.

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  12. The wild women, the wild women.
    The rippin' and the tearin', the rippin' and the tearin'.

  13. When People are trying to save money why folow this stupid video, there are special laundry detergent bossters for that and will save more money in the longrun

  14. baking soda,vinager,detergent,hot water,electricity…my time …….just buy a new towel 5 dollar on costco nice ones…….

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