How To Get Super Defined Moisturized Curls On All Natural Hair Types!


This style lasted 5 days. Pineapple at night.

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1. Cleans and Condition Hair.
2. Deep Condition hair.
3. On wet hair (not soaking wet), Apply an oil to seal in moisture then lock the moisture in with a moisturizer to assure hair stays moisturized for long periods of time.
4. Use Small/Med size portions of hair then apply your styler.
5. Use a detangling brush to create spiral curls. This should work on all natural hair types. May not work on transitioning hair.
6. Two-strand twist your hair then coil the ends.
7. Allow to dry over night. Mines dried in about 10 hours.
8. Apply an oil then remove your twist.
9. Fluff then style.

My hair type: 4a/4b, Low Porosity, Medium Length, Medium Density.

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18 Replies to “How To Get Super Defined Moisturized Curls On All Natural Hair Types!”

  1. Hello just finished watching your video, wow I also have natural hair. Why not check me out on Twitter ADM477 and Face book under Vine Ministry UK.

  2. guuuurrrrlllll!!! lol! i tried this and the results were disappointing..
    but i love yours!!! my hair is stubborn!!

  3. hi, from where I am, am from Mauritius, i dont have those products for kinky curly hair, my hair curl when wet but at the roots i really need a good product to define the curls… and when i wet them they stay wet and sticky, i hate that, wat can i do ?

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