How to Grow Dracaena From Cuttings – 5 Different Varieties of Cuttings Used in This Video

In this video I show you how to grow Dracaena from cuttings. I take cuttings form 5 types of Dracaena, but they all are grown from cuttings in the same way.

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26 Replies to “How to Grow Dracaena From Cuttings – 5 Different Varieties of Cuttings Used in This Video”

  1. Hope you can read this! How long did you leave those cuttings in the water? Btw your backyard is fantastic 🌺

  2. That is so cool I have never seen plants like that outside, I am from Canada. BTW you are hanskum ha ha, You remind me of Florida's Gov. DeSantis.. he is a ROCK STAR and a rock of sanity in this crazy world. OK Thanks again and will be doing this tomorrow 🙂

  3. So the cuttings just root all by themselves in the ground.🤔🤔🤔

  4. Love this video, I am just starting to build our front yard. I will put the Dracaena tricolor and red leaves plants. Just curious, what is the name of the plant that has a red curly leaves that was focus over by the end part of the video at 11:02? Thanks in advance 🙂

  5. I know little of this plant but my elderly mother in the last 2 days has bombarded me with ? after ? having me look ↑ how 2 do this or that & before I've gathered all the info 2 tell her more ?'s. (lol gotta 💜 her & 💚 that she still 💜's 2 learn! Even when it overloads me.) I'd like 2 thank you 4 taking your time 2 make this video 2 the point, short, sweet, & simple so that I can keep up with her thirst 4 knowledge. We both are appreciative. Beautiful backyard too!

  6. Why your ''tricolor'' at 4:44 looks green and white only ? Do mature ''tricolor'' loose their pink margins when they grow or could it be another variety like ''bicolor'' or ''colorama white'' ?

  7. i wish here in finland was that climate so i could fill my yard with those beauties and sansevierias, but we have hard -20 celsius winters and sometimes even more so only things growing here are spruce, birch and few other trees :/ i like tropical trees more than these in finland

  8. You have a dracaena forest. Im in zone 7 so I have to have indoor plants.

  9. what state are you in. I have been trying to identify my plant its very small with a long thick stem/trunk with small green leaves like your song of florida. Now that I watched your video you don't know either. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Went through a lot of videos on how to propagate the song of india, yours is the BEST!!!

  11. 🤔 I think your 'Song of Jamaica' is from a 'Song of India.'

    I have a bunch of ribbon plants/song of India plants and dragon plants. I've been wanting to propagate. It's been hit or miss.

    I'd put a bunch in a bucket of water,many they'll die from water rot.

    I'd stick a branch in the ground and ignore it, and it'll root.

    I've been trying new things and new plants and new planting techniques. I'm going to experiment with putting a bunch of these in a tall bucket of clean water with an aquarium air-stone to keep the water oxygenated, to decrease microbes that would rot the plants.

  12. People said dont take dracena in full sun..but i think now dracena love full sun🤔🤔🤔🤔

  13. From a guy just starting to get into gardening, I'm starting to appreciate Florida more.

  14. I love your backyard and am so jealous of your weather. 😁 I live in Canada, but grow dracaena in my house. Awesome video!

  15. Today I picked myself up a baby dragon tree, I'd it ok to keep it outside in a pot during the summer ?

  16. Do the larger cane plants ( ie: Massangeane) need any special care if you are replanting them in a pot?

  17. I have a tiny song of Jamaica that lost the top foliage, but grew a baby at the base. Can I cut off the naked wood and stick it into the soil? I bought some house plants from a friend and it was fine, then just turned yellowish brown and dropped al the leaves. Living up in the Himalayas where it is 7500 feet above sea level. It is not that cold, but much cooler than the south of India. I had no problems with houseplants back home in California, but here it is a challenge. Could it be the hard water?

  18. Tallest I have ever seen in a corn plant. DID NOT KNOW THAT THEY FLOWER!

  19. Lovely garden 😍 got mine, just see flowers grows, but it's indoor plant, needed to regrow 🤗

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