How to hack your Keurig for a better cup of coffee

How much better can coffee from a coffee pod machine get? Turns out a lot better. Follow these tips to get the most out of your Keurig machine.
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13 Replies to “How to hack your Keurig for a better cup of coffee”

  1. Anybody out there know how to use the coffee pot side of the Keurig Duo (not the k cup side) to make cups (stick your cup under there instead of
    the pot) I tried it but I end up having to use my finger to open the spout where the coffee comes out (which normally the pot would do) it seems like it would be easier than fooling with self fill k cups (just stick the coffee in the big filter and put your cup under there) only thing is like I said you have to hold the spout open and since the smallest amount it makes is 6 cups (meant for the pot)…so after the cup fills you have to catch the remainder in another container. Only reason I want to do this is to fill a 15 oz. cup (which the k cup wont do) and this would enable me to make it as strong as I would like. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  2. personally when i want very strong coffee, obviously minimal water in the fill tank helps. but also you can use 2 k cups on settings: strong>4oz each. perfect standard 8 oz cup of coffee just roughly double the strength

    also you make your own coffee mixes that way, super tasty!

  3. Or get a damned moka pot like you should’ve in the first place! 🤣 It’s cheaper (even if you buy the most popular brand, Bialetti), and it makes strong coffee no matter how much grounds you use. ❤️☕️

  4. really ridiculous video and they talk about not doing math in the morning, but get our your gram scale, and figure out the calculations at 5am! horrible

  5. Thanks for this. Turns out that I was adding way too much water, cutting it down got my coffee to the strength that I am used to.

    I had to get a Hamilton Beach single cup coffee maker after my old Mr. Coffee Espresso machine broke (not going to buy a new one as the reviews of the new model are pretty bad and I don't have the money right now to go buy a nicer brand).

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