How To Handle Shame About Sexual Desires?

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Sadhguru answers a seeker’s question on overcoming sexual desires.
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24 Replies to “How To Handle Shame About Sexual Desires?”

  1. Ha you don't handle it. You un handle it! I say sometimes you just have to draw back far enough to se what your sucked into. We handle everything and become handling others.. Stop handling the kitchen sink……..But who's lives revolve around others difference. Never run out of villains.

  2. Embracing your sexuality is such a beautiful feeling. It's the flowing of juices enmeshing through your veins.Yet the key is to channel your energy into ways which do not consciously affect yourself.
    Exactly Own it and be your own driver. ????️

  3. hey guruji lets have a cup of coffee, with one coffee your desires will be removed from existence ,then you might be free

  4. believe it or not but the educational institutions , colleges , family lifestyle of sitting in home for too long without physical exercise and just studying are the main causes of perversion , madness , degeneration of the mind and body of the young ones

  5. He: I'm so ashamed of my sexual desires
    Sadguru: You are a sexually transmitted disease ☠️lol????????????

  6. Unless there is Joy in enjoying love making, people will not venture into it, coz its result is painful for the person who receives the Gene… So wherever there is Joy there is equal suffering or more, but wherever there is Bliss, then, there is no suffering at all

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