How to Help Children Overcome Severe Constipation
Learn the signs and symptoms of severe constipation in children and how the Bowel Management Program at the International Center for Colorectal and Urogenital Care at Children’s Hospital Colorado treats this condition.

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  1. Imma tell my story so couple of days ago i had constipation and it hurted badly i was crying then i went to the hosptial then they gave me this Medicine and it worked but for some idk why i still felt pain then constipation came back and idk why?

  2. I’m getting cramps literally all the time, and my scope is on December 20th. I feel weaker and fuller everyday, and it’s caused me to get a bigger stomach, which made me insecure and suck in my stomach all the time. I don’t even know if I’m going to make it to December 20th, this has given me depression and I’ve had to skip school so much. This leads my thoughts to “What if it has something to do with my kideneys and It’s too late?” Or that my liver is dying or something. I just want to be normal!! This has been going on for 2 years now..everything the doctors give me don’t rlly help..

  3. I think i had constipation for almost my whole life without knowing.I remember i would poop once a week and i regret it,now i have severe constipation for a month or 2 and i strained so hard just to always poop some small lumps.When i was about to sleep i felt discomfort and i often do,i tell my mom im scared ill die and she wont let me go to a doctor,what do i do?

  4. It can come out only if I strain and when I do and it start coming out it hurt soooo much 😒so yea still constipated

  5. Thanks so much you helped me get through the my birth of a huge cracked concrete cylinder!!!

  6. I invented a device that relieves constipation. The video is on the channel. Please watch

  7. Bruh I want to sleep but my stomach is aching and I can’t even take a proper shit the stomach pain is like a pulse simply can’t ignore!

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