How To Improve As A MAN

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16 Replies to “How To Improve As A MAN”

  1. $120 for 3 shower products? Are you high? You are losing your touch by way overpricing your products.

  2. Thank you for the advise bro. Your the big bro I never had 💪✌️

  3. we gonna make it, i’m sure i will i am 13 and watching this stuff💯

  4. Jose What about us here in South Africa when do we get those products 🤦🏿‍♂️🇿🇦

  5. Bro your videos actually help me a lot but can you make some content for the 13 year olds? Thanks man

  6. Jose I will meet you man😎😈 I’ve been watching your videos for so long.

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