How To Insert a Picture into E-mail with Outlook

This video shows you how to insert a picture into Outlook.

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23 Replies to “How To Insert a Picture into E-mail with Outlook”

  1. Hey, Going crazy with Outlook again. Emails are disappearing from the server and I don't know why or how to stop it as I cannot find a "Leave messages on server" or whatever they used to call it in 2010. I am losing important emails and receipts that are disappearing. There are lots of useless and confusing folders I can't get rid of. And of course, trying to move things from the old computer's outlook to this one…well, nightmare. Wondering if there is anything better than outlook.

  2. Thank you! The idiots at Microsoft have bloated and Fked Up everything again. I can't stand Win 11 or the new Microsoft! Thanks for helping me.

  3. Cool, thanks… just got this lemon (new Outlook) installed at work and couldn't find the insert menu! It just goes to show that the more they "improve" stuff, the more it goes to sh*t even for the advanced end user. I am convinced Microsoft mixes up the menus and functions on purpose every few years so that corporate clients have to spend millions on having their employees re-trained on the "new and improved" Office suites via Microsoft-approved classes. Simply sticking with what always worked (keeping the menus where they're supposed to be) is apparently not a part of their business model. One more reason not to upgrade – the new menus are like "Where's Waldo" and have the warm feel of a hospital, ffs… plus the new Office does the same things the old one used to at the end of the day, except with extra confusion.

  4. Great help. I also found that If you select, File… Options… Mail… There is an option under Replies and forwards to "Open Replies and forwards in a new window", So whenever you reply or forward an email you will have the insert option available.

  5. I did what the video said but when I hit insert the "Pictures" tab is grayed out and won't let me select an image.  Any fixes for this??

  6. Hello. Once you insert a number of images into the email page, is there a way of keeping those images in the same place on that page, when you send the email? Thank you

  7. found it, right click on top, select customize quick access toolbar, select all commands, check box to show this toolbar at bottom left, add insert picture from file to this toolbar.

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