How To Install A Garbage Disposal

Watch to learn how to install a garbage disposal or replace a garbage disposal. Click here for additional project details: Need help? Visit to learn more about installation services through Lowe’s.

Difficulty Level: Moderate. If you are not 100% confident installing a garbage disposal, Lowe’s recommends that you hire a professional. Call 1-877-GO-LOWES or to learn more about installation services through Lowe’s.

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25 Replies to “How To Install A Garbage Disposal”

  1. See sebastian ward insinkerator videos you tube youl love what you can put down them

  2. We do not need to turn the breaker off… it is a generic outlet powered with a switch…

  3. At 0:22 a 120VAC 15AMP outlet is shown, pretty sure the NEC requires 20AMP outlets in the kitchen, due to the potential amperage draw of garbage disposals, toasters and toaster ovens, mixers, blenders and the like. And outlets within 10 feet of water, like beneath a kitchen sink, where there is hot and cold water supply as well as waste water heading to the sewer to be AFCI or GFCI (Arc andor ground fault circuit interrupted. So why would a DYI box store like Lowe's mis-lead DYI,ers?

    Then at 0:38 this video clearly shows a 20AMP breaker, #16 being tripped off, yet shows a 15AMP outlet at the beginning. Placing a 15AMP outlet between a GD and a 20AMP breaker is a receipt for a house fire. 1:23 yet another 15 AMP non-GFCI outlet on a kitchen counter top. At 1:38 no mention of the required electrical cord strain relief.

  4. this is why you should hire a professional!… this was a good tutorial. but this is not how to do it… not enough plumbers putty for one. and she called a sanitary T a T pipe. if you don't know the proper names of the pieces in your video you should not be installing them. and it was not even the right application for that type of plumbing underneath a sink. you should be using a P-trap and disposal kit. there is no need to have solvent weld fitting underneath your sink except going into the wall. as this video was informational to a point it will be used as a what to do but also as a what NOT to do video.

  5. Is it necessary to turn the power off? If the disposal isn't plugged in while installing, why would you need to do this?

  6. Your pictures on connecting disposer to sink need work. Shows me nothing that helps me or tells me anything that is useful.

  7. I watched 5 other videos, including the Franke manufacturing installation video. Guess what not one of them made it clear till Lowe's on how to install the god awful spring ring with just one person and no special tool. As a women doing this, it was terrific to see a small woman tackle this. I did exactly what she did, laid on my back put the pieces in reverse order on my right arm (I am left handed), then laid under the disposal, slid all the pieces up my arm and was able to separate the spring clamp easily. The installation of my Franke disposal went like a breeze after that. Thank you Lowe's for the end to this project.

  8. i watcthed this and two other videos on disposals…until i finally saw a little lable that said ' press red reset button ' i guess that dosnt sell product..

  9. Does the dish washer have to go through the garbage disposal? Is there an advantage to do this?

  10. Clear Directions ,Good Steps in Correct Sequence. Easy to follow.Other Vids were long & painful to watch there was so much fumbling, bumbling," ya know" & "Ummm," I thought I would have to shoot myself. Thanks for the professional guidance. Really helped.

  11. Ok tomorrow I’m going to attempt to replace my busted disposal with a new one. Wish me luck! Heading to the nearby Lowe’s to buy the replacement.

  12. husband was too heavy handed and stripped the mount and can't get the garbage disposal removed from drain. Everything is disconnected, but the entire drain moves and won't disconnect from the garbage disposal. Do you have a suggestion?

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