How To Install A New Circuit Breaker

MrJustDIY on How to change/install a new circuit breaker in your electrical circuit breaker panel.

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  1. So far this was the best, most straight-forward demonstration of how to do this job. Will be performing this repair first thing tomorrow morning and although I had done this years ago, this refresher was exactly what I needed. Excellent job! A personal observation: I have watched 3 other videos of this procedure and MrJustDIY is the first one to take the NECESSARY safety step of turning off the power to the box. The others just happily left the main in power position and did the job. That's fine for the confident and sloppy, but for goodness sake, do it like MrJustDIY!

  2. My circuit breakers dont click in, they just slide in and then fall out? They barely want to grab the tab.

  3. Ok thanks, I'm trying to pin point why I'm not getting hot water. Water heater is 6 months old. All the connections are good. Thermostat and heating elements are fine. Also tried the reset and checked breaker and wiring

  4. I have a fault circuit breaker. Does it matter what I screw in first or what? It has the test button and it trips which means everything is screwed in properly, but still no power….ugh!

  5. Your main breaker is out on the pole?! In my home the main is built right into the utility box at the top. Makes working on the circuit breakers a lot easier. I also recommend that the DIYer's out there consider wearing a pair of latex gloves while doing any sort of work on a home electrical system. That will give you extra protection from electrocution just in case that circuit you think is dead isn't!

  6. doesn't anyone read their local electrical code books? Another super messy configuration – wires not tacked down etc. never pass inspection in my jurisdiction. Way to have your house burn down if you don't know what you're doing. Thankfully I have an electrician look over my work and give it the goahead before inspection. I don't know where this guy lives but just utterly stupified at the way the wires were coming out of the box and not tacked down to the wall or that the circuit box wasn't mounted to plywood so he could tack the wires down properly.

  7. Looks like a sub panel because main is seperate neutrals and grounds should be on seperate bars the one with white neutrals isolated from panel and grounds on bar bonded to the box neutrals and grounds should be bonded wear main breaker is consoult certified electrican let me know what he says

  8. Got 40 seconds in and couldn’t watch anymore. Camera and lighting are terrible. The 2 most important things about making a video and you did a shit job so now I’m suppose to trust that you know what your doing with a breaker panel?? No

  9. Why did you have to switch it out? I have a breaker that seems to "hum" every once in a while. I wiggle it and it stops, do you know what the reason could be? Should I replace it? or just tighten it up?

  10. I suggest you test your NCV tester on a known live source first. I realize you may have done that previously, but you don't want to get shocked over dead batteries.

  11. Sweet video brother, easily done and quick less than 5 minitues.. i got a fuse and sparks are showing up, new house btw ima go buy a 20 amp 2 pole fuse at Lowes… btw Electrician charging me well over 100$ for this!?? No thank you i got it, subbed and liked have a good one

  12. Thank you for this video it helped out alot.I changed the outlet box thinking it was the problem but the problem was the breaker itself. I'm a amature at best with electrical….

  13. my above the stove microwave is causing my breaker to trip constantly, I unplugged my microwave and flipped the breaker back on and it stays on..does this mean my problem lies with my microwave or breaker?

  14. Hi there, a part in my home lightings are flickering. I check wires connections and replace all receptacles but didn't help. My next step is replace the specific circuit breaker . What can you recommend thanks

  15. Thanks for the tutorial, it really helped me as an electrician student. Whoever wired this panel [ I know it wasnt you ] is clearly a newb or just didn't give a damn about the next electrician's safety . They used neutral wire as a hot conductor without reidentifying it. And the wiring in that panel is sloppy, like a half ass job.

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