How to Install a Rail Simple Tuscany Stair Railing Kit

Installation instructions for Rail Simple Tuscany Stair Railing Kits. RAIL SIMPLE Tuscany offers a beautifully curved look to stand out from the crowd. RAIL SIMPLE Tuscany’s unique curved baluster, with horizontal accent bar, are truly one of a kind. Create a dramatic statement with the natural warmth, beauty, and strength of wood combined with a modern blend of style, convenience, and low maintenance of curved Tuscany balusters.

14 Replies to “How to Install a Rail Simple Tuscany Stair Railing Kit”

  1. You can go to the Woodglut website if you would like to do it yourself.

  2. I am pretty sure you can still buy handbook with all details you need on woodprix.

  3. This time I'll use woodprix instructions to make it by my hand πŸ™‚

  4. I will make it myself this week I think. Just got instructions from woodprix website and I'm ready for do it πŸ˜€

  5. OMG! did you see the way he held the chop saw.. talk about the "wrong stuff"! WOW !

  6. cool machine…. great combinations of tools and talents are the best source of success.. keep it up sir….

  7. Could at least have made the effort to set it up at the same height as the existing horizontal rail instead of sitting it on the steps.

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