How to install TWRP recovery on the LG G2

How to install TWRP or teamwin recovery on the LG G2 ATT/D800 or D802 with auto Loki

Link to XDA thread for the install program

Link to LG Drivers

How to install Android Device drivers
Why Root Android devices video
Android device hacking explained
Universal UnRoot App for all Devices
Warning… do this at your own risk.
I am happy to help with any problems my subscribers are having on their android devices. I am going to need lots of info from you to help. 1. What device you are on. 2. What android version you are running. 3. What custom rom or stock rom / build number you are on. 4. What you have done to the device. 5. What recovery system you are using. With this info I will be able to help much faster. 

27 Replies to “How to install TWRP recovery on the LG G2”

  1. Sir. Plz send the file again.
    It shows that u have put the files in ur bin. I can't download. Plz upload it again
    Love From India

  2. i donwloaded new link someone posted here putted to phone but when i try to open recovery.img it says that image of disc is damaged what can i do?

  3. This is useless take your video down please. The original post XDA has been discontinued.

  4. Hi, do you know how i can get the file for LG G2 D620r ? Also does the version of android important ?

  5. i have problem i root my phone from super su and now my phone is rooted
    and when i restart my phone then my phone going automatic on TWRP
    when i reboot my phone or power off or reboot recovery or bootloader
    that is coming TWRP again and again
    what i can do ???????

  6. I am using lg g2 vs980
    I had twrp
    I flashed cm13 android 6.0
    but know when try using autorec which I used previously is not working
    but when I use any other service it shows secure boot certification error

  7. what the duck man. my phone factory reset itself. now i have nothing on it. thanks a lot

  8. Definitely would have been good if you told us which TWRP to install… every version I've downloaded so far doesn't have the files you mention

  9. how do i close twrp i watched a video on how to get twrp but he didnt mention gapps and the files u need to know now my phone is stuck in the booting screen and factory reset just brings me back to the twrp menu  need help anyone know how to close twrp and go back to stock i have an lgg2

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