How To INSTANTLY Look Slimmer Slender Skinny | 11 Style Tricks

How To INSTANTLY Look Slimmer Slender Skinny | 11 Style Tricks Hacks
In this video you will see 11 style tricks hacks that will make you look instantly slimmer slender and skinny.
This video has effective hacks to look skinny and slender. Do not miss out on these 11 style hacks to look skinny in clothes. 11 ways to look skinny, slender and slimmer.
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SHAPEWEAR (mine is size S, true to size)

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12 Replies to “How To INSTANTLY Look Slimmer Slender Skinny | 11 Style Tricks”

  1. I definitely agree on the low rise jeans. I used to wear them all the time years ago cause it was the style but they really weren’t flattering. I feel so much prettier and good about myself in high rise jeans.

  2. Sorry i dont want 2 look like a freak like kim k. Give me audrey hepburn and grace kelly anyday

  3. No low rise! None looked good with low rise really! I mean the belly would stick out OR you have a muffin top on the side. And it looked crazy. I like mid rise or high rise

  4. Eeww Kim Kardashian looks fake AF! I want to look like Salma Hayek or Jlo

  5. Que lastima que no entienda nada,soy española…ojala estuviese subtitulado

  6. Please what about those that a big up but small downwards, some have boobs but with nice full legs but small buttocks how do they dress?

  7. Unless I’m mistaken, you said black is a monochromatic color? Just in case viewers are confused: any color can be monochromatic, it just means you’re wearing or decorating with one color. Appreciate your tips!

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