How To Look Charming When You're Socially Anxious

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No matter who you are, we’ve all been nervous before. And sometimes your nervousness can get in the way of making a good impression or connecting with someone you like.

But being nervous doesn’t have to ruin an interaction. There are ways to be incredibly charismatic, even if you’re nervous. That’s what we’ll be learning in today’s video on Tom Hiddleston.

Now I’m not saying Tom is always nervous, but he’s a great person to learn this from. He’s incredibly likeable despite showing some telltale signs of nervousness in interviews. Like filler words, fidgeting, and blushing.

Despite those habits, Tom is considered extremely charismatic, humble, and charming.
So in this video we’ll break down 5 easy tricks you can learn from Tom to come off as charismatic even when you’re nervous.


0:00 – Intro
1:16 – #1: Anchor a positive first impression
2:13 – #2: Use a one second cliffhanger pause
4:05 – #3: Keep your voice confident using pace and timbre
4:55 – #4: Fully commit
7:27 – #5: Focus on having fun rather than looking cool

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18 Replies to “How To Look Charming When You're Socially Anxious”

  1. bla bla bla, people aren't robots, just be yourself you don't need to impress everyone, and especially don't try to imitate other people you will look like a clown

  2. I think true self-confidence is not about following any so-called "tricks" but it's about being totally ok with yourself. Its about wholeheartedly accepting yourself, loving yourself, and being happy and at ease with what or who you are, without bothering too much about what others might think about you. Without any comparison or judgment with anyone or anything else. In fact, trying to follow such tips and ricks can actually make you more self-conscious and anxious instead of being more natural, relaxed and going with the flow.

  3. He is an Intelligent wise man, that is automatically charming
    He is an Aquarius
    He is an Introvert and talks less, But his Posh British accent, makes everything POSH

  4. There is one thing you should learn.
    A Connection with a woman is changing your life.
    So you should not fall in love in the first moment you see her.
    You should test if the person is fitting to you.

    So you don't have to be shy, because you should not be interested in her, if you don't know anything about her.
    Maybe she looks beautiful, but that not means that your life with her is good.

    Instead try to find out, how she is thinking. Can you laughing with her.
    But there ist one thing you will only find out if you are connected with her and that is the most important point.
    Will she be happy with you, if you don't change your behaviour or will she try to change you.

    If she try to change you, forget it. Make your point clear that she has to accept you, how you are.
    If she can't, run and leave her.

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