How to Make a Buttercream Wild Rose

For this lesson in buttercream flowers you will learn how to make the Wild Rose. This buttercream flower is always in style and adds beauty to any cake or cupcake.

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You will need:
– Tip 104:
– Tip 1:
– Tip Organizer:
– Flower Nail:
– Decorating Bags:
– Pre-Cut Icing Flower Squares:
– Wave former:

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21 Replies to “How to Make a Buttercream Wild Rose”

  1. Does the flower going to be ok at room temperature after i take it out from the freezer?

  2. I couldn't find rose nail anywhere so what i did was make it out off cardboard and then covered it with foil and it was amazing

  3. Hey there, just out of curiosity Beth, are you a Wilton's instructor? If so where? Many moons ago wayyy back when I was in high school, I took economics. My instructor gave us a course on cake decorating including piping, roses and different boders and such. The teacher had each of us piping out roses. I remember her saying, "Roses are hard for people who are first timers. Don't get disouraged, it takes practice makes perfect." First rose was a huge flop, second was much, much better. My third rose as a whole different story of it's own, it was perfect. No, wait it wasn't perfect, infact it was way beyond perfect. "I got this thing down pat!" I said to myself, as I was piping out a fourth rose. The rest came was a breeze for me. After I got home that day, I asked my mom if we can go to A.C Moore to buy a Wilton cake decorating kit. Two hours and $175 later we were home and I baked some cakes and prettyed them up. I basket weaved a cake and damn did it turn out perfet. I now how three Wilton tool caddys and four Wilton tip organizers that hold 55 tips each. I have filled the tip bins in both sides of my caddy and all four tip organizers are filled and I still have bunch of tips laying loose in my one caddy. I self-tought on all the areas of decorating that we didn't learn in that class. Anyway, I just wanted to know if you are a Wilton's instructor. Happy baking.

  4. im thinking about doing some nice size sunflowers with some of these with it with lemon icing

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