How to Make Amazing Chilli Crabs – Yummy Spicy Seafood Food Recipe!

**UPDATE: Best to cut the pre-cooked crab into quarters, and use some extra seasoned oil for additional flavour once it’s plated** Hi everyone, here is a very simple and easy recipe for making amazing chilli crabs using freshly pre-cooked crab. A big thanks to my good mate for the freshly picked home grown chillis!!! This is a yummy spicy seafood recipe with a light subtle chilli kick and lingering hints of garlic and light saltiness. The resulting flavour of this chilli crab dish is very gentle and subtle due to the spices being mixed into the olive oil which is drained from the crabs once the crabs have finished simmering.

In the making of this video recipe, i used less oil than what I suggest for best results. As I mention in the video, for maximum flavour please ensure that the extra virgin olive oil used is enough to reach 1 inch up from the bottom of the pot so that the two crabs are entirely immersed by the oil and other ingredients during the simmering process 🙂
Preperation time: Less than 10 minutes

Cooking time: 20 minutes

Serves: 1-2

Cooking tools:
Large cooking pot
Large cooking spoon
Chilli cutting knife
Chopping board

2 freshly caught large crabs (pre-cooked)
Extra Virgin olive oil
Fresh Chilli
Cayenne Pepper
Cumin Seed
Garlic Salt

Preparation method:
0. Cut pre-cooked crab into quarters

1.Cut up chillis in chillies into fine pieces.

2.Place cooking pot on stove and add Extra Virgin olive oil (enough to fill an inch upwards [2.5cm] from the bottom of the pot).

3.Turn the gas stove on to medium-low heat setting.

4. Place the cut up chillies into olive oil in pot and add salt to taste (crucial taste element).

5. Add plenty of paprika, plenty of cayenne pepper and a small amount of ground cumin and stir well.

6. Turn stove down to low heat setting.

7. Carefully place two large crabs into pot (the crabs should be fully immersed by the olive oil) and add plentiful amounts of the secret ingredient garlic salt.

8. Make sure crabs are fully immersed and set kitchen timer for 20-25 minutes.

9. Place cooking pot lid on pot, leaving it slightly ajar to allow the crabs to simmer for 20 minutes.

10. After 20 minutes (when timer beeps) turn off stove and using heat protective mitten or kitchen towel pick up pot and carefully drain crabs over the kitchen sink using drainer. Voila!

How to Make Amazing Chilli Crabs! Yummy Spicy Seafood Food Recipe by FluffyJetProductions!

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