How To Make Anyone Immediately Regret Insulting You

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Today we’ll go over how to handle it when someone insults you.

We’ll start with a couple classic “destroy” comebacks. These are great at winning over an audience and embarrassing the person who insulted you. Be warned though, they may make the target of your comeback hate you.

Then we’ll cover some friendlier, more charismatic responses so that you come away looking cool and confident without making enemies.


0:00 – Intro
0:17 – #1: The high status reframe
1:40 – #2: Accept the insult and use it against them
2:54 – #3: Insult the insult
3:27 – #4: Draw a boundary
4:31 – #5: The “tit for tat” or “eye for an eye” method
6:25 – #6: Show that you’re unaffected
8:18 – How do I build deep, unshakable confidence?

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25 Replies to “How To Make Anyone Immediately Regret Insulting You”

  1. Denis Leary is a perpetrator and a hack that stole other people's material and just had an HBO special at the right time

  2. Don't take it personally

    If you have to resolve it and take action on the matter ~~~ Do it
    (Take Full Ownership ~~~~ while simultaneously at the same time ~~~~ not taking it personally ;
    fantastic powerful lesson from the book "4 Agreements" )

  3. Unsubscribed for putting this joke of a person in the thumbnail right next to Don Draper, one of the most iconic tv show character

  4. The best comeback is the one where a reporter says that women live longer, are happier and healthier and the guy says because when they live with a screaming wife like you they just want to die sooner

  5. You can build confidence without paying for a confidence building class. Step 1: believe that you are a valuable human being, just as valuable as the next guy regardless of status or any other arbitrary criteria. You’ll be well on your way once you’ve mastered that. Don’t let anyone tell you you need to do x y or z to have value.

  6. Yeah, I've started rating the insults. My name can be considered a bit embarrassing, so I usually same something along the lines of, "Well that's not that much better than just poking fun at my name? 2 stars." and if they poke fun at my name it's just "Not the best I've heard, and quite lazy going after such low hanging fruit. 3/10"

  7. An example: When someone says to me again after they have had a few drinks, "I can hardly wait until you are dead" – I can smile and say – Me too instead of doing without while being single.

  8. Can we chill with the Peterson simp cause I’m sick of looking at that dude. Not as smart as people make him out to be

  9. The problem with savage comebacks is that you can't undo them when it turns out you really shouldn't have said that.. Regret is a bitter teacher that extracts a harsh tuition.
    Learn to be a little gentler in life. It will get you further .. or at least it leaves you happier

  10. I'm a millennial that somewhat gets gen Z humor. All I've got are suicide jokes. If those make them uncomfortable that's on them.

  11. The easiest way to make them instantly regret is to start crying very loudly or having a seizure and making a scene in a public place.

    Or pulling a knife on them.

  12. 50:40
    I'm honestly impressed by the time and effort you put into these videos, Keep it up!

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