22 Replies to “How To Make Apple Pie”

  1. Lillian HELP! I just used your recipie with my pastry dough….this has never happened before but when it was baking there is one part of pie that actually bubbled up and burned..rest of pie perfect…what do I do???

  2. Does it caramalize juices…i was told to peel apples put in sugars spices and put in colander drain juices then mix juices with butter and cook 5 to 8 min then pour that mixture back into apples so there won’t be separation of crust and apples cause they shrink during baking

  3. Why cook apples before baking…do they release too much liquid and I thought pie would separate fro crust after baking?

  4. My bottom crust came out soggy.. I thought I should blind bake but you did not.. How did that happen?

  5. First time am making an apple pie…just for my boyfriend who loves Apple pie…lets see how it turns out. ..

  6. I like the way you make your apple pies, they look so home. Not so fancy that they can't be achieved by regular fokes. I am going to bake your Apple pie.

  7. hi, what a beautiful pie you made.  loved the ingredients.  thank you for that recipe.  I use cloves in mine too.

  8. Hi Norma. Thanks for watching. I actually have a pie crust video on my channel. If you go there and type in pie crust in my search box, it'll come up for you 🙂

  9. Hello Lillian, I was wondering how you make your pie crust, if your willing to share it.. no biggie

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