How to Make Crown Roast of Pork – Cooking With Melissa Clark | The New York Times

You need an excuse to make a crown roast of pork, because it’s expensive. But it is impressive. So what’s a better excuse than the holidays?

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How to Make Crown Roast of Pork – Cooking With Melissa Clark

12 Replies to “How to Make Crown Roast of Pork – Cooking With Melissa Clark | The New York Times”

  1. Супер! Хороший рецепт всех приглашаю на канал

  2. This is a great tutorial – simple, straightforward, easy, and best of all, delicious. I was looking at all these recipes that called for stuffing and I was like, do I really need to do that again…. Thanks Melissa!

  3. This video made it super easy at around 2-hours in the oven. My 10-pound crown for $85 was a no brainer. Hog heaven.

  4. This lady's nuts! 1 your not going to serve the roast cold so how the heck do you flip a juicy hot crown roast? which brings me to 2… why bother paying for expensive Crown if it's not for presentation? she shoukd have just bought pork chops!

  5. When I come to dinner I'm hungry
    So one piece is not going to cut it
    At least 3. With a lovely medley of vegetables with a small scoop of garlic mash Potato's. After a real down home serving of Peach cobbler with one scoop of vanilla bean ice cream
    Time to go to the butcher

  6. Haven't you people found Chef John at foodwishes(dot)com yet? He'd KILL this bit, but instead you have this… do your research NY Times…

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