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Sharpen your knives, break out your bamboo rolling mat, and come to attention because class is back in session! Join Taka Sakaeda, executive chef and co-owner of Nami Nori, as he expertly demonstrates how to make (almost) every type of sushi. From artfully simple nigiri to complex and colorful chirashizushi, chef Sakaeda explains the why’s and how’s behind each ingredient, tool, and method he employs in preparing sushi – arming you with the knowledge to make your own at home.

Director: Gunsel Pehlivan
Director of Photography: Hil Steadman
Editor: LJ D’Arpa
Host and Chef: Takahiro Sakaeda

Sr. Culinary Director: Carrie Parente

Culinary Producer: Stevie Stewart
Culinary Associate Producer:
Line Producer: Jen McGinity
Associate Producer: Sam Ghee
Production Manager: Janine Dispensa
Production Coordinator: Elizabeth Hymes

Camera Operator: Kirsten Potts
Audio: Rebecca O’Neill
Production Assistant: Jeremy Saint-Louis

Culinary Assistant: Young Sun Huh
Research Director: Ryan Harrington
Copy and Recipe Editor: Vivian Jao

Post Production Supervisor: Stephanie Cardone
Post Production Coordinator: Scout Alter
Supervising Editor: Eduardo Araujo
Assistant Editor: Billy Ward

0:00 Introduction
0:44 Making The Rice
1:48 Nigiri
5:56 Hakozushi
9:20 Hosomaki
11:14 Temaki
13:02 Chirashizushi
15:25 Futomaki
17:41 Uramaki
19:22 Ikura Gunkan Maki
20:27 Sashimi
22:17 Conclusion

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22 Replies to “How To Make Every Sushi | Method Mastery | Epicurious”

  1. This is the video when and why I've become a subscriber of the channel.
    Thank you, Taka.

  2. Oh god i was hoping for a sushi version of method mastery. My prayers have been answered

  3. I’m not gonna lie, I consider myself a sushi traditionalist! Nothing beats a 🍣 with high quality fish !
    The best or nothing !

    Cheers from San Diego California

  4. There is no such thing as "sushi-grade" fish in the US. It's simply a marketing ploy. Although the governing bodies have recommendations for how fish should be handled and stored after it is caught, there is no legal definition of "sushi-grade". Just an FYI. It may indicate something meaningful for some suppliers but it isn't universal.

  5. If you dont want futomaki you should un-equip some armor.

  6. At home? I want to open a restaurant now! I feel in some cases the concept of sushi gets lost in so many "innovative" restaurants (nothing wrong with that tho), and having a real conservative restaurant where you can see the magic happen and being explained of their cultural heritage or how the ingredients work, could be a 10/10 experience

  7. As Japanese, this has a lot of questions. lol
    Hope none of Japanese sushi chefs in Japan do watch this video 🤣🤣🤣

  8. Wait, did he have use that towel so that the knife has a little bit of moisture?

  9. I have been making sushi for years, but I learned something new. Whenever I visited family and friends in Japan I was always making cone shaped temaki, but I did not know a cylinder or open shape was also temaki. Thanks for the info.

  10. finally a sushi video that is not making american rolls with avocado and gallons of mayo

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