How to Make Gummy Candy

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If that salty tub of popcorn has lost its charm for movie night, this guide will give your homemade snacks a little more jiggle.

Step 1: Stir in gelatin
Mix your favorite flavor gelatin and the unflavored stuff with the cold water in the measuring cup, a little at a time, stirring constantly to prevent clumping.

Step 2: Rest
Allow the mixture to rest for at least 10 minutes so the gelatin has time to absorb the water.

Step 3: Melt gelatin mixture
Melt the gelatin mixture by placing the measuring cup in a pot of simmering water and stirring the mixture until it melts.

Add a pinch of powdered Vitamin C to make the gummies sour.

Step 4: Fill molds
Fill your silicone mold with the gelatin using a large syringe or a turkey baster for easy and even filling.

Step 5: Cool candy
Let your gummies cool to room temperature on a counter or table, or put them in the refrigerator if you’re in a hurry.

Step 6: Peel back mold
Peel back the mold to release your gummy candy. No oil or spray is needed. Enjoy immediately or pack them away for later.

Did You Know?
The gummy bear was invented in 1922.

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