How To Make House For Rat with 10.000 Pcs Drinking Straws #3

How To Make Hamster House With 1000 Pcs Drinking Straws – DIY Hamster House
I have a Hamster
And I want to create a Hamster House like a play area with drinking straw
The work is quite simple when I just use candle glue to attach the straw together, then use scissors to create the desired shape
It took me 2 hours to finish the house for hamsters
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11 Replies to “How To Make House For Rat with 10.000 Pcs Drinking Straws #3”

  1. Uhhh that's not a rat 😂 and please check out Victoria Raechel's channel to see how to properly care for hamsters. Please don't have "play dates" with your hamsters. Especially different species. Hamsters are solitary and will fight to the death. Also, that wheel was way too small. With that being said, this is so creative and I would have never thought of this. Most likely will try for my group of female mice.

  2. Привет от новых друзей!! Мы подписались 🤗🤗 ждём в гости на нашем канале будем дружить!!!

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