How to Make Mustard

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Whip up your own homemade mustard. It’s easy, delicious, and economical.

Step 1: Sterilize jar
Place a glass jar large enough to hold one cup of mustard, plus its lid, into a pot of boiling water for a few minutes to sterilize it.

Step 2: Blend seeds and spices
Blend the mustard seeds, sugar, salt, turmeric, and herbs with a mortar and pestle until they are powdery.

For a really easy homemade mustard, mix equal parts water and dry mustard, available in the spice section of your supermarket.

Step 3: Add vinegar
Gradually whisk in the vinegar, one tablespoon at a time, until you have a coarse paste.

You can substitute beer or wine for the vinegar.

Step 4: Let it stand
Let it stand for about 15 minutes to thicken.

Step 5: Seal and store
Transfer the mustard to the jar, put the lid on, and let it sit in a cool, dark place for two weeks before using, which will allow the flavors to develop. Refrigerate once it’s open. It will last for several months.

Step 6: Tweak it
Experiment with new flavors in future batches. Add whatever you like – a pinch of onion, garlic or curry powder; a teaspoon of horseradish or caraway seeds. Or tweak the flavor by using tarragon or cider or sherry vinegar in place of white wine vinegar.

Did You Know?
Dry mustard sprinkled in socks is an age-old way of preventing cold feet.

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  1. Huh.. I might make this with beer instead of vinegar and maybe it might not smell as bad and I might can tolerate it.

  2. Did you sterilize the mortar and pestle in boiling water also? If it was not necessary Sterilize the mortar, why would it be necessary to sterilize the jar?

  3. What happend to Howcast? They were eveywhere for a couple of years, and then just desapeared? Why?

  4. I love mustard. From a bottle. None of that thick brown seed snot pretentious chefs use.

  5. It's fun to read the comments. From "Mustard is disgusting" to "I hate mustard. Why am I watching this?" you can find just anything. In some cases, reading the comments is more fun than watching the video, and this is definitely one of them (no insult, Howcast, ok?).

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