How To Make People Respect You Without Saying A Word

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People love Tommy Shelby from Peaky Blinders. He’s a quiet, introverted character, and at the same time extremely charismatic.

While you don’t want to be like Tommy in every way, there are 8 habits you can learn from him to instantly command respect from the people around you.


0:00 – Intro
0:21 – #1: Have slow, relaxed movements
0:57 – #2: Hold eye contact, even during conflict
1:57 – #3: Be non-reactive to hostility
3:00 – #4: Be as big as your audience
3:33 – #5: Show conviction with your words
3:56 – #6: Show conviction with your tone
4:26 – #7: Speak slowly and use pauses between words
6:23 – #8: Use carrot / stick motivation

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25 Replies to “How To Make People Respect You Without Saying A Word”

  1. Don't look at the habits, look at the inner qualities that enable the habits. You already explain how he "appears" , that cuz he feels "above intimidation" and IS confident. It's not something you can fake. You can but you'll feel like a fraud unless you embody confidence.

  2. I don’t want others to respect me, whether they respect me or not doesn’t matter to me. What I want is for others to fear me.

  3. I had a boss at work who tried to copy this guy. But it looked like a cheap fake and just made me laugh. Don't try to copy anyone, be yourself.

  4. Ultimately, TS is a failure. They all are. Much simpler not to f*ck about with posing and just be yourself. You'll save time and won't come across as a massive passive aggressive. And you'll live longer. Be yourself, not a fictitious clone.

  5. didn't watch this testosterone-driven nonsense for microscopic-balls-syndrome. only have one question: why does it take close to ten minutes to explain 3 seconds?

  6. Been an a loner most of my life, ended up marrying the woman if everyman's dreams. what she liked about me? My quietness

  7. this can't be dragged to real life. if you behave like this in rl you're kinda cringe

  8. All that work just to promote a selfconfident workshop for a total of 597$.. ah yes the smell of good ol‘ scamering

  9. Good grief, I'd give anything even for just those 3 seconds with Tommy Shelby. What a doll ?

  10. Your f c k ing a a s ey. It's not them they're not the issue. You should learn to respect yourself before you worry about people respecting me.

    The truth is you can't handle the silence cos you go to bed and wake up thinking of nothing but his nutz.

  11. Respect and make don't belong in the same sentence….. if you feel you need people to respect you you need to get a grip and sort your life out

    Respect is earned

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