How to Make Southern Coleslaw | Get Cookin' |

In this video, Nicole makes a savory southern coleslaw. Like most salad or coleslaw recipes, it’s easy to make and requires few ingredients. First, use shredded cabbage and finely chopped carrots and onions for the base of the coleslaw. Next, whip together mayo with ingredients that include sugar, milk, lemon juice, and vinegar for the dressing. This coleslaw is cold, creamy, and is the perfect summer side dish!

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0:00 Introduction
0:10 Chopping the Veggies
0:48 Making the Dressing
1:13 Plating the Coleslaw
1:28 Bloopers

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How to Make Southern Coleslaw | Get Cookin’ |

15 Replies to “How to Make Southern Coleslaw | Get Cookin' |”

  1. I'll tell you one thing, you are a serious serious cook. My mouth Waters every dish that you fix. You for the wonderful recipes.

  2. Just YUMMY!!! I agree with you…Cole slaw is all about he "CRUNCH". I'm going to give this recipe a try for sure. Arlene

  3. I make my dressing like this except with less vinegar and add dill. If you like dill, it’s awesome in this recipe. ????

  4. I don't know about this version, but I've found that milk in coleslaw tends to create servings of slaw that sit in puddles of liquid. [THE LOW-DRONING MUSIC IS DISTRACTING]

  5. Hola thank you for your sharing wonderful super delicious yummy incredible Recipe and for your beautiful video enjoy ????????????????????????????????????????❣️❣️????♥️♥️????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????♦️????????????❤️❤️❤️

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