How to Make Surgical Face Mask Cover- Surgical Face Mask Cover with Your Size Elastic- Fast and Easy

This is a very easy and quick surgical face mask cover making tutorial. Anyone can learn how to make a surgical face mask cover at home with your size elastic for more protection with fabric cloth. With your size elastic surgical face mask cover pattern you can use rubber bands/elastic as per your measurements.
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How to Make Surgical Face Mask Cover Tutorial:
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20 Replies to “How to Make Surgical Face Mask Cover- Surgical Face Mask Cover with Your Size Elastic- Fast and Easy”

  1. When I saw your comment about not sewing with the button, I thought, although it's 'cute as a button' I think I will leave it off. Otherwise I'll have button marks on my face, Or they'll rub

  2. You did a good job of explaining; however, why didn't you show the fabric side out when finished? I don't believe people would want to wear it with the premade mask side out.

  3. Linda máscara belíssima amei seu trabalho vou fazer pra minhas netinhas e crienrela sou de Sobral Estado Ceará

  4. For added safety, do not fold seam allowances open. Alternate them so you do not have "holes" in the mask where tiny particles can get through.

  5. Vou fazer, só não faço hj porque eu estou sem nenhum tecido os que tinha aqui em casa fiz pra familia, que é grande. Eu amei esse modelo. Amei!!!!

  6. This is very nice but my work requires us to use surgical masks alone, no double masking. Surgical masks irritates my cheek area. Can you please make something to cover the inside of the surgical mask without being noticed? Thanks.

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