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You’ve maybe never heard “ultimate” and “egg salad” in the same sentence. But we’re sure that once you try this sandwich—where the texture of a katsu sandwich and the flavor of egg salad collide—you’ll totally agree.

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In this ultimate egg salad sando, we swap those hard-boiled eggs for a thick egg patty that’s breaded and fried katsu-style. We’re leveling up the textures here. Instead of a sandwich that’s mostly soft, you get to enjoy layers of soft, crisp, and crunch.

What you’ll need:
– Eggs
– Whole milk
– Heavy cream
– Salt
– Distilled vinegar
– Sugar
– Celery
– Shallots
– Whole grain mustard
– Panko bread crumbs
– All-purpose flour
– Neutral oil
– Shokupan (Japanese Milk Bread)
– Unsalted butter
– Bibb lettuce
– Japanese (Kewpie-Style) Mayo
– Dijon mustard, as needed

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24 Replies to “How to make the Ultimate Egg Salad Sandwich at Home | ChefSteps”

  1. i wouldn't call it an egg salad sandwich … more like a katsu egg sandwich

    you did a great job on the recipe and i will be making this at my next family gathering

  2. It looks like a tamagoyaki that has been deep fried and served like a katsu sandwich lol. I'm pretty sure that some tonkatsu sauce would go well with the eggs and mayonnaise.

  3. This looks like a very delicious egg sandwich! But I don't think you can call it "egg salad."

  4. In the Before Times, there was a small Japanese place inside an Asian store that served the famous Japanese egg salad sandos. They also served Katsu sandos. We would get one of each and share them. Too bad they did not survive the pandemic.

    This is an interesting take because it gives the texture of both, and an egg served any way is a good thing ASAIC.

  5. not egg salad though, silly. You should have cut the eggs into small cubes, fried, and tossed in pickle mayo ; )

  6. Chef steps cooks food again? Stopped watching when it became a sousvide circulator peddler channel. Someone has to pay for two rational ovens though I guess.

  7. While that looks like a good egg sandwich…. It is not an egg salad sandwich. It also completely ignores the main purpose of egg salad. Easy, quick, can make a bowl of it and then slap together sandwiches in a minute.

  8. I loved the video content, but I noticed that music was way too loud compared to speech. So I'd like to convey a kind guidance to loudness normalize speech and music to similar loudness, or even prioritize speech.

  9. Why not just bake the egg in a silicone loaf pan? No need to fuss with foil

  10. Innovative recipe, great looking B roll shots, no over selling of website, awesome video!

  11. What if you deep fried the traditional egg salad mixture? Gooey center sandwich would be amazing…

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