How To NECK TAPER FADE Yourself with Waves

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Step by Step tutorial how to do a taper fade haircut on your neck area

21 Replies to “How To NECK TAPER FADE Yourself with Waves”

  1. Shane, I hoped you cleaned all that hair up you keep brushing everywhere…LOL!!!

  2. Did you do when you were fading closed/ open then closed then open and repeat every time you changed guards?

  3. I only have a 1 2 and 3 guard. If i use the 1 closed would that be the same as a zero guard?

  4. Yo great video my man! The back taper is so key to learn especially for a waver and when you get that back durag line

  5. Shane great video man! Very clear and easy to understand great teacher!

  6. This is why u go to the barber stop being cheap and walking around with lines in your hair not looking sharp looking like u cut ur own hair not good

  7. taper fade front is what I need I cut my son hair I don't have to go to barber until he gets older and want something more and more super

  8. Hey man, are your Andis Adjustable Clippers "Zerogapped"? if so, how do you do this for these clippers to get them all the way flat like yours??? I

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