How to Oval, Almond-Shaped, Stiletto Nails How I Do My Gel Nails


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nail tips

UV gel

Nail Art Rhinestone Picking Clip Nipper

the primer, the brush and the other products IBD I have them from a gel kit


UnderTheLilyShadow VIDEO


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20 Replies to “How to Oval, Almond-Shaped, Stiletto Nails How I Do My Gel Nails”

  1. I wouldn’t be happy with my client walking out the door with this many bubbles in the gel.

  2. If I were to go to a salon to get these nails done what would I say! I’m someone who isn’t used to acrylics or anything but wanna let my nails grow and want to wear nails but haven’t found anything I liked. Can someone help?

  3. You have been so helpful! Your trick in how you cut the nail tip down but keep the shape is so awesome. I have been struggling in creating this shape, but now you have helped me 😁 thank you ❤️

  4. Like the string method.. and the use of the stiletto tip to make a quick an easy almond shape..
    Trying this for sure…

    Also the ease of your video gets a thumbs up.. clear an to the point.. Nice job!

  5. do you have the link or know the style of the uv lamp your using? i would love to buy it

  6. Do you cleanse the tacky layer between the first and the second gel application? Or does gel cure and bond well with the previous layer anyway even if there's the tacky stuff?

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