How To Paint A Blue Sky With Clouds

A quick demo from my studio on how to paint a summery sky, blue skies with clouds can be a problem for some…watch my short demo and see how its done

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10 Replies to “How To Paint A Blue Sky With Clouds”

  1. Lovely!!! You made it look so easy!! I'm really new to water colors and you've convinced me I can try it!!! Thank you for giving this 69 yr old the judge she needed!!!

  2. This video is out of focus. Very irritating. I can't imagine how you got so many views.

  3. Wow!! You’re amazing! Thank you for this beautiful demonstration! I’m going to try to emulate you and paint this fantastic summer sky. So happy I found you. Thank you again!

  4. I can't believe that I just found out that this video now.With the instructions, this is really helpful. Thanks.

  5. Hi Patrick this is a great demo , please can you tell me how saturated the paper needs to be with water and do you finely sketch the clouds so you know where they are on paper..?

  6. I have to let you know, Patrick, that your excellent instruction finally got me "over the hump". After months of watching videos and just playing with paint, I finally have done my first watercolor (or any) painting!! Clouds, surf and sand… Still need to add a boat or birds or both…but this was a real good start for me!! Thank you so much for your help and for sharing your expertise:). God Bless!!

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