17 Replies to “How to Play The Spoons: Part 1 – The Basics”

  1. Hello there Jason. Really Cool lesson, I just wonder if wooden spoons are used – is there any difference in technics? Have you ever try this? Tx

  2. Thanks Jason, this was a great introduction to playing the spoons!  Your video made it very easy to follow and understand!

  3. Wow I'm getting a blister on my index finger already…this is so much fun, though, i could do this all day! I already sound pretty darn good! Thank you so much!

  4. @pianogal40 : When holding the spoons, there will be a small opening between them, maybe about 3/8". I place the spoons around my first (pointer) finger, one on top and one under. In some cases, you may need to bend the shaft of the spoon slightly, to achieve a closer gap between the spoon bowls. Hitting the top or bottom spoon, causes the shaft to flex a bit, combined with the "squishiness" of your hand, to let them hit each other (the clack sound), and then spring apart. -Hope that helps!

  5. I think I'm holding the spoons right but I'm getting no clicking- do I need to hold something differently? thanks.

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