How to react to bad news

Life’s not always perfect and from time to time we will get some bad news. But what do you say to your friend who has just received a piece of bad news? Join William to find out some of the things you can say to make it better. Find more programmes to help you learn English visit our website:

12 Replies to “How to react to bad news”

  1. Thanks, lovely video!
    Nice ideas of conversation with a friend who is going through tough time.

  2. I don't remember how many times I have had bad news of my friend but there was only once I remember when I was 13. Maybe because that was the first time that I had awareness about what bad news is. My close friend's father had a terrible car accident. We could not say if he could survive. My friend came to me, she said, she cried. I could not say anything at that time. I just gave her a huge hug and cried with her.

  3. I’ve had to experience receiving bad news and I don’t say anything. I just completely fall apart and cry even if I don’t know the person just out of empathy. Does anyone else experience that.

  4. how did he say "Can you tell us a little bit about that" so fast? I could only catch "can you tell a bit about that" :/

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