How To Remove and Install Prescription Lenses in Full-Frame Sunglasses

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In this video we demonstrate how to remove and install prescription lenses in a pair of full-frame sunglasses. The method is applicable for prescription lenses made of plastic, polycarbonate, Trivex, and SR-91 in a non-metal, full-frame. This method will not work with glass lenses because they are not flexible. Feel free to leave questions and we will answer them as soon as possible.

18 Replies to “How To Remove and Install Prescription Lenses in Full-Frame Sunglasses”

  1. I've been struggling to take my lense out for ages without breaking my glasses, and this worked instantly thank you

  2. Thank you very much.I am on the verge of throwing out a good frame because of scratched lens but I came across this video

  3. SIR!! My shoulders were up in my ears and I had taken to swearing at my phone as I poked at one useless video after another wearing an old pair of glasses with one arm (and yeah, they're bifocals and I have astigmatism, so you can imagine how all that wonk feels as the frame tips further and further away from my face). Then, YOU! This video made immediate sense to me, visually and verbally, and you accomplished a lot in 1 min 45 seconds that others never got close to in their meandering, "let me tell you a story about my glasses and their colour first" intros. Watched your video; my lens was back in and secure in about 30 seconds. I am so grateful. THANK YOU.

  4. So I came to LensCrafters today with expensive new frames I just purchased. I wanted to get my prescription put inside. Long story short, the employee decided to try and pop the demo lens out over 3-4 times after I insisted on unscrewing them to get them out. After several attempts she gave up and unscrewed the frames for the lense. Could she have damaged or warped the original structure of my frames? I’m very tedious and don’t know if my frames are messed up now. They are being sent to the lab for my prescription. I just don’t understand why anyone would risk messing up frames to pop lenses out instead of unscrewing the frames properly.

  5. that was easy I used my thumbnail to separate it and your bending method. I just got glasses yesterday and instead of wasting another week to get new glasses since I see perfectly with my right eye but they gave me glasses that made my vision in my right eye blurry so I just popped that side out, dont have to waste time going back there

  6. This is the greatest instructional YouTube video of all time. Straight to the point and perfectly described the process. No 5 minutes of explaining, “If you’ve ever had prescription sunglasses, you might have wondered blah blah blah blah. A lot of people come to me and they ask how blah blah blah blah.” Well done, sir.

  7. omg thank you! I have some thick lens and this saved me a trip to pay someone to take them out lol

  8. Thank you!! I was really struggling replacing my new prescription lenses into my old frames. my fingers were hurting so bad!! But watching your video i removed okd lens in 5 seconds and put in new lens in 5 seconds!!! Perfect tutorial!!! Thank you!!! This was for regular glasses, not sunglasses, still worked flawlessly!!!

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