How to ruin your SPF

Here’s why you shouldn’t transfer your sunscreen to different packaging.

???????? I’m Michelle, a chemistry PhD, cosmetic chemist and science educator, here to explain how beauty products work, debunk myths, and help you make smarter decisions about your skincare, hair and makeup!

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22 Replies to “How to ruin your SPF”

  1. Truly it's the epitome of mindless consumerism to transfer your products from one container to an "aesthetic" one just to throw away the perfectly good container that had oNe use it was made for

  2. Your videos are just so smart like wow queenie back at it again with another SPF banger

  3. I dont know whats tye name of the disease or cindotion that makes ppl tranfer stuff into inappropriate containers but its insufferable for mw to even watch

  4. I want to know if it's safe to put things like facewash , moisturizer , serums etc in small containers ? At times I have to do that for travel .. but now I'm not so sure ! ????

  5. Wow this never would have crossed my mind.

    On the topic, Michelle do you know if applying a loose powder over sunscreen to reduce the greasy, shiny look can compromise the SPF? I have wanted to do this with a mattifying powder I have but am worried.

  6. I was wondering about transferring soap into a dispenser? Eg. The 1L soap refill from coles. Can that be placed in any standard soap dispenser and be just fine? Or do I need to clean or sanitise the dispenser before adding soap? How about topping up soap in a dispenser half full of the same soap (that's what we do in the bathrooms at work)? Are the preservatives in hand soap and dishwashing detergents more robust than things like shampoos and cleansers? I always tell my friends and family to follow the shelf lives of their skincare and cosmetics but I've definitely used cleansers and face masks years after I first opened them. I still have a bottle of the ordinary glycolic acid from 2020 however I don't use it on my face. I use it on my body maybe once every 3-6 months. I struggle with throwing things out lol

  7. Hold on what happened to the plastic one? You know the original one it was in?

  8. I had a super goop sunscreen container break so I squeezed it into a travel tube. The Sephora lady told me it was fine but then I thought “it’s sunscreen, if it doesn’t work it can be detrimental!” So I just ended up throwing the whole thing away ????

  9. Question: what if I transfer my sunscreen to the package of a sample of the same sunscreen? ????

  10. lol admittedly, I transfer a lot of my cheaper facial products to reused jars of bougie stuff i got in a subscription box (I'm not posting pix, but I like an aesthetic bathroom and am cheap), but I never even considered it with sunscreen, lucky me lol! I don't mess around with my spf, I can burn in 10 mins if unprotected…

  11. Do you think the SPF container made by the travel company Ries would be a safe option?

  12. I was wondering about this. I got about 3 weeks worth of sunscreen by cutting open the tube and transferring it. I was worried about the protection factor, so far the consistency hasn’t changed at all and it seems to still be working.

  13. On the same token, how many times we heard people bitching about foundation without a pump. A pump has a metal spring inside, perhaps the liquid reacts with metal is the reason why no pump is included. S are AHA Glycolic products.,

  14. Thanks for the info! Canadian rules for flying stipulate you can take up to 355 or so grams of sunscreen or other needed products (like medications) in your carry on so no, I don’t transfer my face sunscreen to a 100g size when travelling. But this is good to know!

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