How To Sew a Circle Skirt – DiY Fashion

This is a step by step tutorial for how to sew a circle skirt. The first step is to download my FREE circle skirt template here:

This allows you to skip the geometry and math part that most people dread. If you want to know all about the math stuff, I have a tutorial for that here:

I’ll show you how to determine how much fabric you need, what to do if your fabric isn’t wide enough to cut the skirt in one seamless piece, and the secret for hemming (or skipping that part if you want to cheat!).

Re: Fabric Questions
This tutorial is most suitable for knit and stretch fabrics. Not sure what that means? See my post here:

If you’d like to make a circle skirt with non-stretch fabric, you will have better results using the waistband method shown in this video:

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10 Replies to “How To Sew a Circle Skirt – DiY Fashion”

  1. thank u so much for the free pattern for a circle skirt!!! hopefully i can do it

  2. Thanks so much for helping me determine the amount of yards needed.
    Do you have a formula for dresses and other designs?❤️

  3. Do you know how long I’ve been trying to deter
    Determine yardage! Thank you soooooo much

  4. I'm only finding this now and so delighted I did. You have absolutely the BEST circle skirt and elastic waist tutorial I've seen (and I've seen many…) Thank you!

  5. Wow!! The best narrated sewing video! New sub here 🙂 can you advise on what kind of waist is suitable for what kind of fabric? Eg : would a elastic waist band suits a 100% silk material skirt? How about a lace skirt? What kind of material should I use for each of the two material skirts. Many thanks 🙂

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