How To Sew – Hemming Knits and Stretch Fabrics

Does your hem get wonky and wobbly when you sew stretch fabrics? This tutorial will show you how to get a nice flat hem.

People often make the mistake of thinking they can’t work with knits if they don’t have an overlock machine, but knit fabrics existed a long time before sergers were commonly available as home machines, so don’t be afraid to try it out. With a little practice, it’s no harder than sewing with woven fabrics.

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14 Replies to “How To Sew – Hemming Knits and Stretch Fabrics”

  1. Ding, ding ding. THANK YOU! I severely shy away from sewing knits because of this very thing. Loosen the presser foot pressure. NEVER would have thought of that. However, I do have books on sewing on knits. You can guess just having them doesn't help unless you read them.

  2. It wasn't what I was looking for, but it was a good and quick video. Well done.

  3. Thank you so much!  I have several pair of Chicos Travelers pants that need hemmed and I've been afraid to tackle them (other than hand sewing)… sounds like you have the magic that will make it possible to hem these without "looking" obviously hemmed!!

  4. seeing your video for the first time love the way you explain things and your easy peasy techniques.

  5. Hi Lex. this was great. I bought an awesome pretty blouse from Loft and gosh it is so long it looks nutty, so I am going to hem this baby now. Thanks for the encouragement

  6. How can I hem a pair of 100% polyester warm up pants (no zippered legs) by hand? No sewing machine. Thanks

  7. Ha Ha love it, your screwed. Made me laugh. I havent seen your tuts before so I will be subscribing to follow you.

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