How To Sew – Resize a T-shirt Tutorial – DIY Fashion

This is a step-by-step diy fashion tutorial for how to resize a shirt that’s too big into a shirt that’s just right.

Sometimes you can just sew up the side seams to make a larger shirt fit, but that won’t always work because of the sleeve seam. This tutorial will show how to take off, resize, and re-attach the giant man-sleeves so you can completely revamp it into a girly fit shirt.

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15 Replies to “How To Sew – Resize a T-shirt Tutorial – DIY Fashion”

  1. Thanks so much for a good tutorial! Half of them do like a black tshirt on black background…I can do this!

  2. This was very helpful . I bought PDF sizing t-shirt pattern but it wasn’t a great fit . I will try this.

  3. Thanks! Now I don’t have to put large shirts back on the rack! I’ve missed out on so many! Not anymore!

  4. I tried this yesterday on a couple of t-shirts I'd gotten as a surprise for my daughters. I was nervous, but they came out great! My kids didn't even know I'd altered the shirts. They thought I bought them that way. My husband and I were sharing knowing glances over their heads. It was great. I am so excited. Thank you for your clear instructions!

  5. Of all the youtube videos I've saved, this is the one I keep coming back to. I can't resist a good closeout sale on men's giant t-shirts (with shoulder seams down to my elbows, lol). This tutorial is just the ticket to help me make them fit right. Good on you for sharing your knowledge! (I hope you never take down this video.)

  6. Now I can re-attempt a project I set aside a month ago when setting the sleeves, as per most tutorials, turned into a multi-attempt nightmare. I'm sure setting sleeves into the armscye is a necessity for some garments and some types of fabric, because if it isn't I would sincerely hope that sense would have prevailed by now, but seeing that it's not a necessity for t-shirts, make me very happy.

  7. This is so perfect! Exactly what I was wanting with detail about the sleeves. The only thing I'd like to see if the best stitches if you don't have a serger sewing machine.

  8. You are an amazing teacher! Thank you for this video. I am a visual learner. Even so, you made it possible for a terrific outcome.

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