HOW TO: Shape Coffin/Ballerina Babyboomer Nails

Hi guys, my name is Gleniëtte and I live in The Netherlands. I love doing nails and I want to share my inspiration and techniques with you. This time I will show you how I shape coffin/ballerina nails. I will also show you how I do babyboomer nails. I hope you learn something and I hope you like it. If you have any requests for my next video, let me know in the comments bellow. Love you guys!

My info:
Instagram: Gleensz_infinity
Facebook: Infinity Nails
E-mail for promotions or info:

Video of ombre nails:

Product’s I’ve used:

Glossy Topcoat:

Super Bond:

Young Nails:
– Nail Liquid
– Clear acrylic
– Cover pink
– White acrylic
– Hand file

– Cuticle oil
– Nail tips

– Mani pro passport (E-file)
– Safety drill bit…
– Sanding bands…

– Ceramic drill bit

Store in Curacao
– Glue

Holo Galaxy
– Instagram: jadorenailsupply

– #14 brush

21 Replies to “HOW TO: Shape Coffin/Ballerina Babyboomer Nails”

  1. This set is sooooo beautiful ❣️ I would love to know what color the pink acrylic is?

  2. What’s the best acrylic powder that you’ve used ? I’m looking to do my own nails . And I need them to last long

  3. Are children and farm animals being tortured in the background? What's up with the background music? It's VERY distracting.

  4. How do you prevent the the nail drill to cause that burning sensation on your clients nails. I practice on myself and I can never file for too long becauSe it always burns! And this never happens to me in a nail salon only when I do it myself.

  5. Great job??☺️love the song your playing called two step by Topher Mohr & Alex Elena????????????????????????????????????????????

  6. Gleniette, hey! i wanted to ask a question unrelated to nails for one moment… do they still do the black face festival in the Netherlands?

  7. That was wonderful, perfect work. Good hygiene.
    Where are you I want you to do my nails…

  8. I have been practicing&practicing coffin shape &I just cannot get it for some reason lol. Im going to practice it the way u did it Yours turned out beautiful!TfS!?
    New Subbie pls chk out my channel to I'd appreciate it

  9. These are very nice but you do NOT have to bland clear tips (I'm so tired of seeing this on youtube).

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