How To Shuffle: Basics

This is the first video in a small series of tutorials I’m going to make. Other tutorials will teach you how to: Melbourne Shuffle, Charleston, Spongebob, Konijnendans and a couple more! So subscribe if you want to see these when they come out.

I’m sorry for the quality, I hope this will be enough for you to understand the basics. I want you to learn this because it is the base of the more advanced tutorials I’m going to make.

26 Replies to “How To Shuffle: Basics”

  1. Guys it is difficult not impossible . I have always been bad at learning things. Now i learn if i won't give up and show courage against difficult task nature will benifit you with it's greatest gifts

  2. Me: it's too fckng hard
    Also me but after hour of trying: well it was not that hard

  3. The beginning looks like skipping that we use to do as kids. It just morphed into a shuffling rhythm.

  4. i wish there should be some shuffle for fat ppl. i like shuffle but i just cant do all that jumping at that point:D

  5. Sweet tutorial, well done my man. But I got to ask… Where can I get that hoodie???

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