How to Start a Lemonade Stand

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It’s hot out. You like money. How about starting a lemonade stand!

Step 1: Make a business plan
Before you make your lemonade, make a business plan. Will you have to spend any money on supplies? If you’re going to spend $5 of your own money on ingredients, for example, you’ll need to make more than $5 to make a profit, or the money you get to keep. Now you can decide how much you want to charge per cup to make sure you earn that.

Remember, if you’re setting up shop with other people, you’ll have to split the money you make with them!

Step 2: Pick a perfect day, time, and location
Pick the perfect day, time, and location for your lemonade stand. Think about where and when the largest number of thirsty people would walk by your stand. Think hot days at playgrounds and fairs, or during little league games. Of course your front yard is just fine, too.

Step 3: Make your lemonade sign
Make your lemonade sign using some cardboard or foam core and a large, bold marker. Write ‘Lemonade for Sale’ with the price clearly visible. You can add a drawing of lemons or a glass of lemonade if you want. The bigger and flashier your sign, the more people will notice it.

Step 4: Publicize your business
While ‘walk in’ customers are usually the bulk of lemonade stand business, you might want to let your friends and family know what you’re up to. You can either make flyers or do an email blast announcing the time, location, and date of your grand opening.

Step 5: Make the lemonade
Make your lemonade ahead of time. You can make it from a mix, but serving homemade lemonade will make your stand special and might help you sell more. Either way, have a grown-up cut up a lemon so you can float the slices in your pitcher.

For 1 gallon of homemade lemonade, ask an adult to juice 6 lemons, then mix that with 1½ cups of sugar and 2 quarts of water and ice.

Step 6: Do a taste test
Now comes the fun part—drink it! You’ve got to make sure it tastes good, but don’t drink too much or you’ll have to mix up some more.

Step 7: Refrigerate the lemonade
Pour the lemonade into a large thermos or several pitchers and refrigerate it until you’re ready to start selling.

Step 8: Set up your table
Set up your table. You can use a folding table or some milk crates with boards on top. On top of this set a clean tablecloth and lots of paper cups. Hang or prop up your sign.

Make sure everything looks clean—the cups, table, pitcher, and even you!

Step 9: Have change
Depending on what you’re charging, you’ll want to either have lots of quarters or single dollar bills to make it easy to make change for your customers. Keep the money safe and organized in some kind of box on the table.

If there are other stands in your area, try to make yours stand out. Put the words ‘Gourmet’ or ‘Secret Recipe’ on your sign.

Step 10: Set up the lemonade
Store extra ice and lemonade in separate containers under the table so you won’t have to run back to the kitchen, and fill a see-through serving pitcher with some ice, lemonade, and cut lemons.

Don’t set out cups already filled with lemonade. Flies will swarm around them and it will look gross.

Step 11: Attract customers
Smile and wait for customers. People like to buy from kids that smile.

Did You Know?
In 2003, a 6-year-old boy started a lemonade stand to raise money for breast cancer research. Today ‘Max’s Lemonade Stand’ is a nonprofit that’s made over $30,000.

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  1. I want to help people with autism and my sister has it so I’m going to make a lemonade stand to donate every bit of money we make to a good cause please like to help my cause

  2. me: i should set one up near my house 😛
    the HK government and my parents' budget: I'm gonna stop you there.

  3. American kids do it they call it their work culture when Indian kids do it they call it child labour

  4. LmaoI still do lemonade stands but I’m in high school ???? I get like 20 dollars an hour tho so it’s good money

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