How To Start And Drive A Nail With One Hand

This is an old trick. Give it a try.

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16 Replies to “How To Start And Drive A Nail With One Hand”

  1. Thats a joke–we have wood where I live that is that hard a nail cannot be driven, it has to be predrilled—it produces occasionly sparks when you mill it..It is as hard as the hobs of hell but it lasts so well..

  2. I was impressed with your simple solution fir one handed person and show your video to my wife, but…then she spotted out that you use other hand to feed the nail…is there genius way for one handed person? Thank you

  3. good tip! But technically he did use the other hand to put the nail between his fingers soooo….

  4. IINNNNTERESTING!!! I've came close to death above a 30ft foot drop to a concrete floor numerous times using both hands to set a nail.  Ty!

  5. My grand-father thought me that trick using either left/right hand when I was 7yrs old. Turns out I've been driving nails right/left handed ever since 😉

  6. You had to use your other hand to put the nail on the hammer why not just put the nail to the wall, what's the point

  7. I want to see someone use both hands at the same time.  Pulling nails out of their waistband and securing a sheet of plywood to a stud wall in 30 seconds.

  8. In general the magnet for the nail set was designed to be used to start a nail in a piece of lumber that was beyond the reach of both hands at the same time. Am example would be driving nails in fascia boards that are overhead, IF you did not start the nails before lifting the board in the first place. Your method of starting the nail one handed in an easily accessible area is a great method that I have never seen (as a plumber I generally showed up after the framing was done). I will definitely give it a shot on my next build. Thanks for the tip.

  9. Ha! So simple and yet everything's "simple" once someone shows it to you! Thanks for the great little tip.

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