How to Turn Off Auto Update Facebook App Android

This video will show you how to turn off the Auto Update feature in the Facebook App for Android. This LG G6 Android device is running Android 8.0 Oreo. You will need to turn off the Auto Update feature in the Play Store as well as in the Facebook App in order to stop the app from auto-updating. I hope that this video helps you out!

Here is a link to the updated version of this video!

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29 Replies to “How to Turn Off Auto Update Facebook App Android”

  1. Thank you for this video. Unfortunately with the latest update they pushed, I couldn't find media/contacts in my FB settings. However I was able to disable FB app installer, FB app manager and FB services in my phone settings and this seemed to work. Unbelievable the hoops we have to jump through!

  2. Thanks, been annoyong me for ages, and your directions were clear, concise and slow enough to understand.

  3. Do you know where this setting is as of today? Because I can't see that option in the location you've shown. It's annoying me as my facebook keeps refreshing my feeds when I'm in the middle of reading or commenting

  4. Not showing setting ? Please help me I go to settings but setting not showing ?

  5. Thank you mate for your wonderful tip. You made my day happier without such annoying updates.

  6. Thank you much! Finally turned off that annoying Facebook auto-update.

  7. HELP ME :<<<
    When I open Media and contacts, it doesn't have autoupdate app option.

  8. Always right in the middle of listening to a video while I type a comment.. I wonder, are they doing this to reduce the time viewed? Seems shady that the app would completely refresh while I'm typing a comment. It's happening a lot to me in the last few days.

  9. Thank You For The Video. Facebook kept auto updating and I couldn't figure out why , esp since I have the auto update feature turned off on google play

  10. Legend!!!! I tried forever to stop thoes auto updates from happening, thanks a bunch!

  11. thank you, do you know if this will also stop facebook messenger auto-update as well?

  12. Thanks for this …..I was so mad for everytime I see something and updated itself

  13. They have the option to turn off updates in the app, yet now it forces me to update by disabling the app. "You need to update facebook before you can use this app". Facebook is so shady. I hope it disappears completely.

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