How to Use a Beauty Blender | Tips & Tricks | Angela Lanter

Ever wonder if there were more uses for that handy, dandy Beauty Blender? Well there are! Watch along as I complete my entire face makeup routine with only my Beauty Blender sponge, no makeup brushes used!


Peach Concealer:
NARS Concealer:
Cover FX Cream Foundation:
Brightening Loose Powder:
Finishing Spray:


Kendra Scott | Earrings:

Camera Used:
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14 Replies to “How to Use a Beauty Blender | Tips & Tricks | Angela Lanter”

  1. I love my beauty blender but never thought to use it for anything other than my foundation. Do you have an eyebrow videos?? I heard you mention urban decay products in other vids and I absolutely love their products. I have super overplucked eyebrows that are also really dark with my bleach blonde hair so any eyebrow tutorial vuds would help. I don't think I could really shape them at this point but color and filling so hard to figure out for me. Thanks for the vids!!

  2. Great job Angela! I have a beauty blender but don't use it often because I wasn't sure how to use it. This video helped me learn!

  3. I love that X ring on your left ring finger in this video—what designer/brand is it?

  4. Omg!!!! I thought that was u with the foundation and concealer on in the introduction and then I put primer and stuff n I realised u haven’t even done ur foundation yet!!????????????????????????u r beautiful n ur skin is amazing

  5. I am definitely going to try to do a full face with my beauty blender! This was so nice!

  6. You don't look overdone like most people who do makeup tutorials on YouTube. Will be subcribing.

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