How To Use The FORCE Effect with Filmora

If you want to learn how to use The Force effect with Filmora 9, I’ll teach you everything you need to know in order to pull this effect off convincingly.
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14 Replies to “How To Use The FORCE Effect with Filmora”

  1. hey dianiel batal always loved your content but i have a problem i am tying to do a vid with my friend and we are playing phasmophobia and i almost always die in the game well when the ghost hands come into view i want in creepy fonts the word you are dead to show up do you know a way to do this effect and if so can you do a tutorial

  2. Hi Daniel! You have helped me open my eyes and mind to using this software. I used this effect in my video with a painting that I did of Darth Vader. It needs work, but I tried…lol. Thanks for your knowledge. Subscribed You are amazing 🙂

  3. hahah… it's so hard you are crushing a can. I thought you should used any other software for that effect.

  4. Nice effect Daniel, I'd like to toy around with some little stop motion ideas on my channel… Like have have some Lego men run across the table as I'm going through something. I think I would just photo each part, maybe using a remote then just mask in that little bit of footage.

  5. BOSS, i try downloading the effect but to no avail, how do i get the martial arts effects pls?

  6. Looks like you also added some shake effect.. As well as key frame maybe for initial zoom out..

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