How to Use the Ultralight Java Drip – Black Rifle Coffee

How to Use the Ultralight Java Drip – Black Rifle Coffee

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The ethereal Ultralight Java Drip weighs less than .5 ounces and comes in an ultra-compact design that nests under any standard fuel cartridge. Pack light without compromising you freedom fuel!


– Add coffee 1/16 coffee to water ratio or 1 tablespoon per 6 ounces of water

– Soak grinds and bloom for 30 seconds.

– Add water just off boil

– Remove Java Drip

– Enjoy!!!

19 Replies to “How to Use the Ultralight Java Drip – Black Rifle Coffee”

  1. Use a #2 cone filter with it so the water has a little more contact time with the coffee and it makes clean up a breeze, just place the filter with used grounds in the baggie you packed your coffee in and pack it out.

  2. Dude I love you guys and I had a blast creating your new displays for the coffee shop. The ammo can signs were s blast to create for your company. It was the best product I ever got to create for a company yet.
    It even inspired me to create Bluetooth Ammo can speaker boom boxes.

  3. My hobby just bought me a ultra light java drip, and the mug and black rifle Decaf coffee, I can't wait to use it. it's very neat 😁

  4. This looks like it would work well with my Stanley adventure cup. Great coffee in the bush has been hard to get here lately.

  5. Grimsy Black one sugar!
    Grimsy Got a decaf anywhere!
    I always grind my own beans……

  6. Any chance we could see a vid of how to grind coffee using the barrel rotation of a M134? Like as the barrels spin it grinds the coffee.
    Thank you for your time.

  7. You fucks are on the fucking fox hannity show!!!
    It's gonna get fucking busy
    Hope you fuckers like being rich….cause it's about to get stupid.
    Hit the gas fuckers!!!

  8. Thought, now this will be good for camping but I think I'll just keep making cowboy coffee.

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