22 Replies to “How We Fertilize Our Young Trees! ????”

  1. Thanks Paul for keeping one of our favourite YouTube gardens in top shape. ????????????☺️

  2. What would you recommend for treating an very large maple tree that gets powder mildew?

  3. Wow…that's a lot of fertilizer. I would go half on that and would wait to do it when leaf buds begin to come out.

  4. I admire your restraint in not planting the circles around the trees. Very cool and elegant.

  5. Anyone have any recommendations for new dwarf jap maple went to ground November fertilizer?

  6. of course, trees (and all plants) make there own food via photosynthesis. We simply fertilize them. Feed the soil so plants can grow!

  7. This is the kind of shorts I'd love to see more of!! Thanks Laura and team!!

  8. Hi Paul and Laura! I think it would be awesome if y’all did a project together where you both are mic’d up! ????????

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